Punch and Judy Show

My shows are suitable for events big or small. I perform at birthday parties, weddings, fun days, schools, fetes, open days, bank holidays and toddler groups. Everyone loves Mr Punch! I also include some soft puppets such as Sooty, Sweep and the lovely Cookie Monster. I have other puppets such as Pip the Dog, who is a very magical special little puppy.


My shows always keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout. I like to make sure that the show is suitable for every age group and will be unforgettable for all. 

My Punch and Judy shows can be altered to suit every age group or to the event. I always like to ensure that the guest finds the show funny and entertaining. The shows normally last around 15 -20 minutes but can be shorter for younger children.


I do not promote domestic violence and have removed these elements from the original format traditional show. However, I have done many shows at schools for children on an educational level including studying history by the seaside. 


Judy tends to be more of a dominant figure in the show and likes nothing better than to boss all the other characters around and be in charge. Mr Punch always tries to save the day and is the hero.


The use of slapstick in the show normally is restricted to the bad characters. If I am performing the show to  younger children or children with special needs then slapstick is not used in the show. 


I provide my own PA system and can do the the show outside or inside. Please note that you may need plenty of space as I have had up to 450 people watching one of my shows. I also can provide a waterproof mat for the audience to sit on during the show.

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If you have any queries or wish to make a booking please contact me on the number below or email me

Mobile 07751 399088



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