Bouncy Castles

Small bouncy castle 8x 8 feet size Small Toddler castle 8 x 8 feet by 7.6 feet high

A bouncy castle is a great addition to any party or event. I have three inflatables to choose from. These can be added onto your party package or hired separately for any event. I watch children using the castle to ensure their complete safety.

Jolly Jingles clown castle

This is my largest castle measuring 12  by 15 feet and 13 feet in height, as you can see from the picture below it is a colourful castle and its unique image of Yours Truly looks absolutely fantastic! This castle is better for older children as it is very big. But as this castle is 13 feet in height you will need to allow for at least 6 inches clearance over the top of the castle 


The Toddler box castle 

The box castle is pictured above and measures 8 by 8 feet and 7.6 ft tall. This castle is ideal for a small toddler party and is most suitable for younger children. Because of this, the castle comes with an age limit and weight restriction. Please allow for the total length of 12 feet as it has a large step and room for the blower at the rear.


Home Sweet Home Castle 

I have recently purchased a NEW  castle called "Home Sweet home". This new addition can be used as a ballpit or just as a castle. This castle measures 12 by 10 feet and about 7.6 high but also allow for the blower and mats. This castle is ideal if space is small. The castle has windows in the side so you can watch the children as they play and you can drop the mesh over the door to keep the balls in. This castle is medium sized compared with the other two. 


Other general points

All of the castles are run on mains electric but I also have portable castle blowers. So I can set up anywhere as long as the ground is level, clean, smooth, weather permitting.

Although all of the castles have covers they are not recommended to be used in the rain as the castle can become slippery and unsafe.


Please note that the castles are better set up on grass. I always provide safety mats which are placed around the front and I provide the sand bags and pegs to weigh down the castle. I always ensure that the castle is erected safely and properly.  However the customer must also watch the castle and make sure that the children use it safely. An extra person could be provided to man the castle but there will be an extra charge for this.


Safety of the castles is very important to me and here are some points below to make it safe for all. The castle may be withdrawn if the safety of staff and persons using it if deemed unsafe .

  • Socks should be worn 
  • No shoes or sandles 
  • No eating or drinking on the castle 
  • No climbing on the walls 
  • No Back flips or dangerous tricks 
  • No Running
  • No martial arts or fighting 
  • Glass cups are not recommended in the castle area 
  • Jewellery is recommended to be removed where possible such as large earrings 
  • Persons with medical conditions that may be affected by the use of the castle are advised not to use the castle 
  • The age limit is 13 years and under, adults should not use the castle 
  • Numbers of children using the castle may be restricted to aid safe use and time limits may be used to rotate the persons using the castle to ensure everyone gets a go
  • The castle should not be moved or tampered with in any way once sited unless instructed by Jolly JIngles crew 



For more information and a quote, please get in touch. 




Jolly Jingles childrens bouncy castle 12 x 15 feet Jolly Jingles 15 feet by 12 feet bouncy castle and 13.6 feet high
Bouncy Castles children s parties 12 by 10 feet Home sweet home Bouncy castle 12 x 10 feet and 7.6 feet high

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